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Our Values







National Exposure


Detroit Elite FC is affiliated with the US Youth Futsal Association.  US Youth Futsal is the official partner of US Soccer and host of the national identification program.  All Detroit Elite FC players will be eligible for the Michigan Futsal ID trials.

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Our Leadership

Mike Baldarotta, Co-Owner


Soccer History

Certified Grade 8 Referee 

30 years of playing experience

Melbourne University's Club Team

1993 Class A State Champion

1994 Class A State Finalist

Current Profession

General Motors Engineering Technical Specialist


BSME-University of Michigan

MBA-Wayne State University

MSME-University of Michigan

Doug Skrzyniarz, Co-Owner


Soccer History

Level 1 Futsal License

35 years of playing experience

1993 Class A State Champion

1994 Class A State Finalist

All-State Selection

Current Profession

Associate VP of Government Health Affairs & Faculty Member, Wayne State University


B.A. - Michigan State University

M.A. - Wayne State University

M.P.H. - University of Michigan

Joe Beshara, Technical Director & Director of Coaching


Soccer Credentials

Owner of Evolve Technical Soccer Training

Professional Experience Oakland County FC

College First Team All-American, NAIA

Top Ten in Nation in Goals, NAIA

National Champion, Ohio Wesleyan

First Team All-State, Troy High School

About Us

Elite Club for Elite Players

DEFC was created to provide elite soccer players with an opportunity to learn and compete in the game of futsal at a high level.  Our objective is to be the premier youth futsal club in SE Michigan and competitive at a national level. Soccer Club in Bloomfield Hills Futsal Club in Soccer Club in Detroit Futsal Club in Bloomfield Hills Bloomfield Hills


1.)  Identify, Recruit, & Retain elite youth soccer players

2.)  Provide a professional atmosphere to foster excellence in player

 performance and team success

3.) Excel in local, regional, & national tournaments

4.)  Support individual player ID opportunities with US Soccer


HUMILITY(freedom from pride or arrogance)

- In sports, business, and life, a reliance on pride and arrogance will most often be an ingredient for stunted growth and isolation.  At DEFC, we want our players to always have a chip on their shoulder and understand that learning is a lifelong commitment.  Furthermore, humility is a key ingredient to optimize a team atmosphere and sportsmanship.

EFFORT(a serious attempt, the total work done to achieve a particular end)

- As youth soccer players transition into young adulthood, they will encounter an increasing number of other talented players locally, regionally, and nationally. They will find that high motor, determination, coachability, and stamina, will often differentiate good from great.  DEFC will coach effort as an equally important asset as talent, skill, and tactical ability.

AMBITION(desire to achieve a particular end)

- DEFC is an elite club because we want elite players to perform at an elite level to become elite teams.  We want players who want to be the best.  Who have a strong passion for the game of “futboll” and who want to strive to play at the top of their potential.  We want players who want to work hard to improve, excel, and compete.

RESPECT(high or special regard)

- Disrespect for each other, towards coaches, trainers, referees, parents, and other teams will not be tolerated.  There is no higher compliment for a player or team than to be respected not only for their excellence but for how they represent the principles of sportsmanship. DEFC will be feared as a team because of our talent, skill, hustle, and tactical ability, but we will always respect those we interact with.  Rivalry and tough competitiveness is most efficiently resolved by winning the right way. Those who fail to respect each other and their opponents will lose.

TEAMWORK (work done by several associates with each doing a part but all subordinating personal prominence to the efficiency of the whole)

- Elite individual ability does not easily translate into team excellence.  DEFC will prioritize team building and foster an environment of group vs. individual success.  DEFC players will be judged on how they empower the success of their teammates on the field of play.  The question they will always ask is, what is the “right soccer decision.”  Sometimes that means passing up a shot from a bad angle and other times it means taking a player on instead of passing.  DEFC players will make decisions that advance the team and not their personal agenda.  


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